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Stoke Bruerne Trip 2008

Richard and his sons enjoyed their day trip with Keighley model railway club
 so they decided to help crew Swallow on a more adventurous trip,
joining Swallow at Hawkesbury Jn (Sutton Stop) for journey to Stoke Bruerne

(June 1st and 2nd 2008)

David keeps a watching eye as Sidney steers Swallow
along a peaceful stretch of canal

Stanley takes a turn steering as we wend our way through the beautiful countryside.

Richard, David and Stanley, keeping the boat well balanced

This is supposed to be Stanley steering under David's supervision.
But I think they are both wondering who is going to grab a hot potato first.
(Photo courtesy of R. Ashworth)

Hmmm.... Deep in thought, some plan hatching
( I am not even going to try and guess what he is thinking )

Stanley showing his dad how easy it is to wind paddles up while sitting down

'Yours truly' in the dark as usual
(Photo courtesy of R. Ashworth)

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