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Jam 'Ole Run 2008

Photos by Courtesy of David Lowe

with additional photos by kind permission of Malcolm Ranieri FRPS

The first six photos are of the boats tied up at Bulls Bridge
The crews are busy getting in provisions from the Tesco supermarket

Swallow tied up at The Jam 'Ole

The crews assemble where the Jam Ole arm was located

Jam Ole Organiser Tom Stewart makes a short speech

  Flowers are placed in memory of the boat crews who delivered coal there until October 1970

Opening bottle of bubbly, so we could toast the crews.

Above and below boats lined up at the entrance with crews posing

Thumbs up! from Tom
  The boats are tied up at Willow Tree Marina
where the crews had a well earned shower.
Dinner was kindly sponsored by Tim Coghlan of Braunston Marina

Additional Photos by kind permission of
Malcolm Ranieri FRPS

Admin Snippet

(B&W photos are so evocative, thank you for allowing them to be published here)

Swallow and Towcester descending the Soulbury three

Evocative photo:-
The ranges lit on a cold day as David and Julia
descend Soulbury three with Swallow and Towcester