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Repairs at Worsley Dry Dock


During a recent routine dry docking surveyor Mike Carter found some uneven wearing of the bottom plate under the aft end (the ‘back end’) of the hold.  The pitting was such that it was not considered desirable to attempt to weld up or add ‘doubler’ plating, so a section of the bottom, about 6ft x 5ft,  was cut out and a piece of new 6mm plate inserted in its place.

It was also noted that at some stage (possibly in the 1950’s) a ‘doubler’ had been fitted to the rounded bilge chines from aft of the bow to just forward of the engine room bulkhead.  It was decided to continue this doubling towards the stern end on both sides (with continuation of the rubbing strake), and also to renew and enlarge a couple of small doublers which had been welded on to the bottom plate right aft.

This work, plus other minor repairs will hopefully enable ‘Swallow’ to continue working for very many years to come – attending events, on display, or even carrying loads!

With thanks to welders/assistants/fitters Paul Lorenz, John Taylor, Dave Ashford, Keir Baxter (who supervised the work in the second docking and provided valuable advice), Debbie Naylor and Steve, not forgetting Rachel Taylor who everyone thanks for all the tea and coffee she made whilst there.  Also to Simon and John Freer for use of Worsley Dry Dock, to Surveyor Mike Carter for advice, and to National Historic Ships for part funding the work.  We are especially grateful to those who gave their services either free of charge or at reduced rates .