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Odds and Ends

Andy, David and Mike at E/P
(Swallow and Jubilee)

David with John Leeming (of the Cinema Organ Society)
enjoying the sunshine at Coppermill on the River Lee

Lock 38 Hatton
Arundel and Betelgeuse 'Mast-lining' bottom gates open

Starling loaded approaching bridge 26, Long Itchington, 2007.
Owner David Jones steering
( Photo by courtesy of Peter Ivermee )

Tom negotiating Curdsworth bottom lock
And below Lock action at Curdworth
( Photos courtesy of T&K Franks off 'Tailwind' )

David and Ben pose on Apollo at Pooley Fields before her repaint

David & Swallow at Atherstone Locks Wednesday 2nd Sept 2009
(Photo by courtesy of Peter Ashford)

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