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Interactive Virtual Tours

Swallow attended three events in June.  The first was centred round Etruria Industrial Museum, June 1-3 Photos can be found on above link.

The second event was the very popular Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival on a rainy weekend, June 15-17 Photos can be found on above link.

The final event was the Northwich River Festival, June 22-24, which was a ‘one off’ as the site is to be redeveloped. Photos can be found on above link.

Fender maker and coal, gas, diesel deliveries on Macclesfield, Peak Forest canals.

The Yorkshire Narrowboat and canal boat holiday company that works hard to give you an easy time. Explore the Pennine waterways, canals and rivers in a charming, well-appointed narrow boat.

A wonderful experience awaits the visitor to the Black Country Living Museum, a step back in time no less.

Swallow is often to be found moored on display at the site (our thanks to bclm) and when members of the crew are available, a tour of the boat  could be arranged.

A short walk along the towpath from the BCLM and you will find Dudley Canal Tunnel. Where you can experience a unique trip by boat to caverns hewn out of limestone rock.

HBL our big barge associated company

For up to date news and views

For general information on canal boating

IWA formed in 1946 by Robert Aickman and Tom Rolt - largely responsible for 'saving' the waterways

Self explanatory!

BW Freight

CBOA the organisation for waterway freight operators

Working boats (incl WHC&C)  Waterway freight advice

Jam Ole Run 2006 Swallow featured

Swallow is registered with them

Narrow boat operators

The organisation for owners and supporters of historic narrow boats

An enthusiastic look at canals, boats and events on the inlandwaterways.

Everyone learns from these projects,

Lots of interesting photos

Restored National 2DM


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