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Historic Boats

Butty Ivy built 1927 (note drums of chemicals) early 1930’s at TraffordPark

Butty Judie built 1927 with motor boat Swift at Yarwoods (19th June 1935)

Snipe at Dutton, Trent & Mersey Canal, late 1940’s. 
She had been docked at Polesworth and re-painted in the yard style with the lighter graining.
The tanks can just be seen in the hold.

Butty Lottie built 1928


Swallow bank boat (Photo by kind permission of Michal Porter)
In 1951 Swallow was sold to the Bridgewater Dept of the Manchester Ship Canal Co.
Used as a ‘bank boat’.Seen here at the end of April 1979 somewhere between Moore & Preston Brook