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Pooley Fields 2008

Pooley Fields 2008

Jim Bosomworth welcomes  guests aboard Trip Boat Apollo for a musical evening.

Chris and Dale added the musical note to the evening and were much appreciated by all.

Sickle & Swallow on display
Sarah, Matt & Tom on the stern of Sickle with David and Colin Bowles (Sweden) supporting Swallow

Below a selection of 7 photos courtesy of Jason Tompkins
(Many thanks for sending these in Jason}

Above and below Barry exploring Swallow's engine room and cabin

Barry takes the tiller

Barry and sister Lucy enjoying the day out at Pooley Fields

No doubt wondering what it would be like to live aboard in the cabin of Swallow

Beautiful picture of Lucy standing at the engine room door

Lucy taking the skipper's position at the tiller

Katie age 7
( now where did I put that orange box? )

Thank you for visiting Swallow Katie

Rapidly becoming Ben's second home it was a pleasure to see him again.

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