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Black Country Half Marathon 2011

We were asked if 'Swallow' could help out on the Black Country Half Marathon this year (Wolverhampton to Birmingham by tow path) by Stuart Steele of 'Stuweb Productions', a bit short notice, but when the diary was checked we found that the weekend in question was free, just a short marathon of our own from Alvecote marina to Birmingham and back again.

We liased with Phil Templar who made sure to supply the equipment needed to refresh around 1700 runners. Believe me filling over 2000 cups of water and energy drinks is no easy matter especially as they disappear off the table in rapid time. We ran out of plastic cups and phoned for more which were delievered by a young lady (apologies for not getting your name, please contact us and we will insert it) who sprinted down the towpath from Birmingham to us, we were luckily the 12 mile marker boat, but even so a mile and a bit run to deliver cups deserves recognition. Many Thanks.

Every one of the runners deserves recognition for their sterling performances, each straining to achieve their personal goals, some battling cramp and most grateful for the short respite to take on fluids, thank you for all the genuine gratitude voiced, it made it a pleasure to be a small part of this event.

Finally if we had any time to take photos we would have photographed you all, we thank Midland Cave Rescue Organisation (Mike, Emma, Firas, Dave, Kelvin, Bartek, Paulina and Gareth) for taking time out to pose for a couple of photos with the stretcher they were carrying, to represent the spirit of the event.

Well Done to all involved (You all did very well)

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