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BCNS Bonfire Gathering 2009

BCNS Bonfire Gathering 2009

( Photos courtesy of FoS images )

The BCNS Bonfire was once again a roaring success.
Many thanks to all the volunteers from far and wide who helped to make the event so welcoming.

Above & below Lewys aged 10 preparing to polish the engine brass

Lewys & his dad Chris, came all the way from Wales as volunteers to help at the event.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Sandwell arrive on the 'Aaron Manby' to open the event

Above & below The Mayor & Mayoress of Sandwell ( Cllr. Geoff Lewis and Mrs Beryl Lewis )
graciously pose for photos by 'Swallow' & 'Atlas'

The Bonfire is lit

View of 'Swallow' & 'Atlas'  on the engine arm  aqueduct as seen from the Birmingham new mainline below

The event clashed with Halloween so many thanks to Lewys for making and displaying this fearsome pumpkin

'Atlas' loaded and making her way back to Hawne Basin  with Ivor and Graham aboard

( photographed from the stern of 'Swallow' )