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Crew and Visitors (Photos courtesy of FoS Images and others)

Admin Snippet :-
This page has evolved, it started as a crew page with some visitor photos added,
later being renamed crew and visitor page.
Now it is a page for anyone who has a photo of themselves with Swallow.

We are pleased to say this is arguably the best page on the site,

Swallow has bridged the years and continues to bring history alive.

Owner and Captain David
is generally aboard for most trips, sometimes travelling ‘single handed’. However ‘Chief Engineer’ Steve is a regular and valued member of crew – looking after the technical aspects and his bacon and egg sandwiches are legendary.

David and Steve welcome visitors of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. We have some ‘regulars’ who boat with us from time to time. Others just visit while we are on display or for a short or occasional trip.

It is imperative that people are introduced to the waterways through historic boats like ‘Swallow’. This enables a better understanding and appreciation of the real purpose of the canals, and the traditions, skills, and customs which have been passed on through the generations.

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