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Cabin & Decoration (Photos by courtesy of FoS Images)

Colours of the Cut:  one of a series of paintings by the late Edward Paget-Tomlinson showing the liveries of the canal carrying companies.
The black cabin side border on the motor boat (shown on the shipbuilder’s drawings) was an attempt to ‘modernise’ the appearance
but was not popular with the boatmen and most of the motor boats were grained either initially or at re-paint.

The Yarwoods drawings show a rather strange and somewhat non-traditional form of decoration
with black cabin side border panels, and unusual colours for the geometric patterns including orange and pink! 
Whether these colours were ever carried is not known but early photographs show a dark graining to the cabin sides.

A new steering step panel was fabricated by John West
who also painted this attractive castle somewhat in the style of Tony Lewery.

Castle panel by John Ball

Diamonds and cabin top.  Standard Cabin top decoration for a motor boat

Main panel.  Signwritten and decorated by John Ball.
(shading should be green according Yarwoods drawing!).

Rear doors castles and roses by John Ball.
(Steering step panel by John West)

Swallow's cans  Water cans (aka Buckby Cans) by Tony Lewery,
‘barber’s pole mopstick, next to cabin slide with heart motif

Deckboard forend: decorated by John West
in style advocated by Tony Lewery for craft of WHC&C

A glimpse into the interior

Roy Phillips signwriter
checking the new signboard that he painted is being put to good use.
(Photo by kind permission of AK Productions)

The range of course always decorated by the kettle (Tea anyone?)

Lovely view of interior decor

Hanging Plates were popular from Victorian times,
so naturally found their way into boat cabins,
'Ribbon' (aka lace edge) plates were the most popular,
other cabin artefacts included family photos, brasses, and lace.

Below a series of photos showing the cabin decoration
(reproduced here by kind permission of Richard Ashworth)
Admin:-  Thank you for sending those in to us

(Photo above Courtesy of CaMack Enterprises)

Premier quality indeed with its new brass fiddle rail and cover plate

David's dentist told him use a toothbrush to remove plaque
Forever grateful, as a toothbrush is ideal to keep these plaques clean.