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Bibliography & References:

WHC&C ‘Swallow’

On the dustjacket of

English Canals Explained Stan Yorke Countryside Books 2003

Swallow at Braunston july 2002
Nicholas keeping her smart at the event

WHC&C ‘Swan’:

Journeys of the Swan John Liley Allen & Unwin 1971 Excellent, readable and humorous account of John Liley and friends’ trips round the midland/southern canal system on the ‘Swan’ in the mid 1960’s.

General Canal books recommended:

Narrow Boat LTC Rolt Eyre & Spottiswood 1946 (the book that was the catalyst for the formation of the Inland Waterways Association and the revival of Britain’s waterways

Canals of England De Mare Architectural press 1961 (Superb, evocative photographs)

Short History of the Narrow Boat Tom Chaplin Geoffrey Dibb 1967

Canal & River Craft in Pictures Hugh McKnight David & Charles 1969 (excellent photos)

Canal Barges and Narrow Boats Peter L Smith Shire Publications 1975

Narrow Boat Painting A J Lewery David & Charles 1974 (definitive work on the subject)

Flowers Afloat Tony Lewery David & Charles 1996 (more on the same subject)

FMC, The Number Ones, the George and the Mary and other titles Alan H Faulkner Robert Wilson 1975


One Summer on the Cut Graham Beard G Beard 2007 (A boy travels on a pair of working boats in 1964)

Starlight Geoffrey Lewis SGM publishing 2005 (as above, set in 1955)


Women working narrow boats during WW2:

Idle Women Susan Woolfitt Ernest Benn 1947

Maiden’s Trip Emma Smith Puttnam 1948

Troubled Waters Margaret Cornish Robert Hale 1987

The Amateur Boatwoman Eily Gayford David & Charles 1973

Hold on a Minute Tim Wilkinson Allen & Unwin 1965 (A couple lease a pair of narrow boats and work them for British Waterways in the 1950’s)

Windlass in my Belt John Thorpe Waterways World 2002 (A boy travels on working boats in 1957)

Anderton for Orders Tom Foxon M&M Baldwin 1988 A boatman recalls working narrow boats in the 1950’s.

No 1 Tom Foxon J.M. Pearson 1991 More of the same!

Any books by David Blagrove!

Magazine articles:

Historic Narrow Boat Owners Club Newsletter:

Easter 2006 at Elesmere Port
Showing Cepheus, Swallow & Jubilee in foreground

2003/2 ‘Swallow’ on Cover – article on W H Cowburn and Cowpar by Mike Harrison
Showing Swallow leaving Langley Mill on 15th July 2003

Waterways World magazine:

The Chemical Carriers Euan Corrie January 1986

Readers Letters April 1986

Autumn 2008 'Narrow Boat Magazine'

Excellent feature on Cowburn & Cowpar.  'Carrying Chemicals By Canal' by Euan Corrie (in the 'Famous Fleets' series)

Narrow Boat magazine, winter 2008   Readers Letters


Narrow Boat series television interview with David and shots of Swallow at Ellesmere Port and on lower Grand Union